Vampire Rifts

Session 5

labeling these as sessions instead of adventures now

Night 10: Trevor gets Hector to read the papers taken from Clara’s campsite. They alluded to Mulac Kingdom converting humans to vampire. Trevor plans to investigate the kingdom with the help of some of the camp members. After talking to Clara, she says Ciudad Victoria is a hub for human trafficking before entering the rest of Mulac Kingdom. Trevor asks Joe, Anita, Pedro, and Gonzo to go with him and Clara to investigate for a few days.

Night 11: Trevor’s team sets out to Clara’s old camp. Joe and Pedro set out separately to scavenge and shot a bird for Clara. Gonzo is a pain to keep under control. He drinks the bird’s blood. They sleep in the house in the camp.

Night 12: Everyone wakes up to find Clara cooked the bird. They plan to get to a small mountain range by morning before heading to Victoria. Joe and Pedro set out alone again, knowing where to meet up later. While running through the forest, Anita and Trevor find an out of place cave with half burnt trees. Gonzo turned into a shitty bat and flew inside of it and was chased out by a dragon made out of fire. Trevor and Anita tried to run away with Gonzo; Gonzo ran passed the set trail and was running the other way. Gonzo then turned around and ran, jumped, and flailed into and through the fire dragon. Trevor and Anita ran away, Gonzo caught up with a man who was a magic user and one of the ones that conjured the dragon. Trevor told Gonzo to put the man back but suggested they will come back for hi m. They finally made it to the foot of the mountain. Around the base of the mountain, there are a lot of tree stumps instead of actual trees.



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