Vampire Rifts

Adventure 4

Night 7: El Jefe tells Trevor that Clara can stay but she is his responsibility. Trevor tries to console Clara that the whole ordeal is beneficial to both. He makes a speech to the camp to help him keeping her safe. Anita voices some opposition but has thinks that this campaign will further her acquisition of electronics.

Night 8: Trevor and Yesenia look for food and water in forest. They get back to Clara’s old camp. A house is found with bedrooms and clothes. A ‘freezer’ was found with meats. One other shack has two sawhorses and the last one had a generator for lights and a desk with paperwork. Trevor took four papers with stamps on them.

Night 9: Finds water for Clara. Its a small stream; not much. it takes half a night to get there and back. Trevor grooms and cleans Clara.



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