Vampire Rifts

Adventure 2

Night three; Trevor voices his disdain of ‘lounging around the campsite’ (more like dicking around with nothing substantial to do). He teams up with Anita to scout some area around the camp and produce a more detailed map than they currently have (it shows the few major cities in Mexico and that’s it). Trevor and Anita walk north for a few hours and come to a lone shack with a few sticks in the ground around it. Back to camp to inform Hector. Night four; Hector organized Joe and Angelica (with Trevor and Anita) to deal with the shack. (Hector suspects its a vampire hunter and the sticks are a fire trap to contain a vampire.) Angelica shoots a few flaming arrows to light the shack on fire. Joe then tries to set off the fire trap from a distance, Angelica has to do it. During the ordeal, Trevor is suspicious of a group of grove trees off in the distance.



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