Vampire Rifts

Adventure 1

Trevor woke up in a coffin in a shallow grave; after he seemingly discovered a campsight hidden in a mountain side, he was caught by Steven and Gonzo, and taken into their camp. Hector and El Jefe informed Trevor he was a vampire and that they were all vampires. Jefe, still skeptical as to Trevor’s true reason to being there, allowed him to stay (more like forced him to stay). Night two; the supply of blood is already low in the camp so a few vamps take Trevor to show him how they get more. They raided a human and blood trafficking convoy and stole only blood packets, not the humans. The group is satisfied but Trevor seems to be a bit more ambitious with the amount of blood that is possible to be obtained. (Later, he is informed that his great desire of blood is being exacerbated by him being so new to vamperism.



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