The Campsite

all intro characters to PC; vampires


El Jefe: leader of camp, quiet and solitary, everything goes through him. very old, supposedly knows a lot about vampires and Mexico.

Rosa: novia de El Jefe. quiet, never leaves his side

Hector: big guy, acts as a camp coordinator between ‘cliques’ in the camp.

Joe: American origin, abandoned by Coalition unit many years ago. El Jefe turned him while camp migrated the latest time. works with Anita with technologies.

Anita: was apart of a tech unit in Mulac Kingdom. escaped with little supplies

Angelica: some sort of badass

Gonzo: the closest to a wild vampire. wild eyes and doesn’t talk. the fastest and might be the strongest in the camp.

Steven: Gonzo’s unofficial keeper, always by Gonzo’s side.

Marcus: lead forager and scavenger of group

Pedro: really nice, usually with Manuel

Yesenia: has some sort of lie detecting ability; almost committed to Trevor’s assistant

Beatriz: black girl (wow, fuckin token); main care taker for Clara


The Campsite

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