Vampire Rifts

Adventure 3

Night Five: Trevor sets out south by himself to search forest. FInds a patch of dead ground in a clearing and finds a path leading further south into the forest. Takes refuge in forest.

Night Six: Sleeping in the ground was the first night not spent in agony. really hungry, consumes 1/4 a bloodpack taken. Killed someone in fancy clothes that came from the north of the path. The fancy man smelled something “so good” and looked at Trevor. Hid the body, then continued south. Hid up a tree while two men, one with a flashlight headed north up the path. About to be found out in the tree, someone tries to flee from camp. Two vampires and one man grab her and torture her until Trevor sneaks into the camp. Torturers leave and Trevor convinces the unknown man to give the girl (Clara) to him. They escape back to Trevor’s camp where El Jefe is less than pleased he brought a human to them.



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